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about bucabuca


Hello and welcome to bucabuca!


We are pleased that you are visiting the bucabuca website. bucabuca is an Austrian children's fashion label designed for children from 0 to 6 years.


bucabuca was founded out of the desire to see more boy fashion on the market. As great as girls' clothes are - as the mother of two boys, the variety of clothing is often limited.


But above all, it is also a wish to develop children's fashion that is a little different. Children's clothing is often very overloaded with patterns and elaborate prints.

At bucabuca, emphasis was placed on fabrics and cuts - organic fashion with a certain peculiarity. This peculiarity can be in a different coloured sleeve or back part but also in details made of velvet and other fabrics. The seams are white and intentionally visible.


The collections are designed for year-round use - children wear clothes they like regardless of the season and have a much longer relationship to their favourite items. The garments are comfortably made from very soft organic cotton jersey.


The bucabuca models are made from selected organic cotton fabrics. The design and production come from Austria. Both the development of the garments as well as the packaging and labels have been taken into account in terms of the environment and sustainability: we obtain the packaging loop from a handmade manufacturer in Germany, the labels are produced sustainably in the Netherlands.

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